The success on the Crossrail Project in London solidified TPC Segment Tracker as a single point solution for quality management and quality control of segmental linings throughout a tunnelling project. Developed by  Tunnelsoft, a division of Babendererde Engineers, Segment Tracker is a comprehensive system that tracks and documents specific information about segments throughout their lifecycle from production in the factory thru to installation in the tunnel. Information on segment location, deliveries, installation, ring assignments and inspections can easily be managed using a handheld mobile device.

TPC Segment Tracker integrates effortlessly with TPC (Tunnelling Process Control) to provide detailed analysis and reporting functionality for segmental and ring history. All segment and ring data collected by TPC-ST is seamlessly uploaded into TPC to provide a robust overall data management system.

The system is portable, flexible and easily customized to meet any project requirements. This application supports the entire segment workflow from a handheld mobile device. The location of a segment is known at all times. At the factory segment information from the production plant can be easily uploaded into the system. At the yard specific information about segment acceptance, location, equip status, preparation and delivery to the tunnel is recorded and managed by the application. Once a segment enters the tunnel related information on its acceptance, ring assignment, and if applicable its damage, repair or replacement is recorded. The ability to provide supporting photo documentation and comments is available at all workflow stages. This feature is ideal for storing photos of segmental damage and repair work. Segment history can be tracked using the Logbook, a powerful tool for adding and displaying all segment and ring information to date.

Convenient for use by construction managers and contractors, TPC Segment Tracker operates on a wide range of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Pidion and all Android devices making it very portable, especially during inspections.

For more information please visit TPC - Segment Tracker.